I have vivid and unusual dreams, when I remember them. Often, they play out like movies. If dreams can tell us anything about ourselves, then this dream journal should tell a lot about me! (Let's hope it doesn't just say I'm a crazy lady.)

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A World Of Dinosaurs

I dreamed about an apocalyptic world brought about by the resurfacing of dinosaurs.

In my dream last night, there weren't as many people left in the world, and those who were left, remained indoors and in hiding. When dinosaurs were near, they had to stay very quiet so as not to be heard by the dinosaurs.

There were dinosaurs of all types, triceratops, stegosaurus, tyranosaurus rex, brontosaurus and others. They roamed the world freely, destroying buildings and whole cities without blinking an eye.

They reacted to spotting a human in the way that humans would sometimes react to seeing a spider; they would run over and try to stomp the human to death. If they heard humans or other sounds coming from within houses or buildings, they destroyed the building in a fierce rage.

I was in a home in the country, living quietly with my children and my husband. We had an underground shelter with a hidden entrance that we could use in an emergency. We grew our own vegetables and had chickens in a chicken coup for eggs and occasionally chicken to eat.

But we needed fruit. The kids were going to become deficient in vitamin C, and it would take too long for the fruit trees we planted to grow. One of us needed to go out and find some cans of food with fruit that might be leftover in empty houses or no-longer-used stores.

I convinced my husband that he needed to be the one staying home to protect the children in case something happened while I was away, and that I would go find food for us. He didn't like it, but he eventually saw my reasoning was sound.

I packed a backpack with some necessities and set out. I had traveled far when a man came running by me. He turned to me as he ran by and yelled, "Run!"

I immediately felt the rumbling, ground-shaking sensation that told me a dinosaur was coming. I ran and soon had passed him by. The kids, my husband and I had been training for speed for quite some time now, so very few could outrun any of us.

He pointed toward a small dotting of houses in the distance. We both found cover in a small group of very dense trees and waited. When not one dinosaur but two, both triceratops, ran by, we waited longer. The tirceratops slowed and looked around. We held our breath. The tirceratops seemed to lose interest in the chase and wandered off. We waited more. After a long time had passed, we traveled together to the houses in the distance.

When we got to the houses, we found there were two groups of people. One group appeared to be people very much like me, parents with children, who hoped for a better future to be found someday but were just trying to survive for now.

The other group was mostly men. They had lots of weapons and they drank a lot. I didn't like the lustful way some of them looked at me and decided to join the other group until it was safe to move on, find some food and get back to my family. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way. I didn't get a choice.

A large group of dinosaurs showed up, as if policing the area. The ground shook with their arrival, and they were bulldozing over several random houses using their bodies. The group of people like me ran back to their safe house, and one of the men from the other group grabbed me and pulled me with them to their safe house.

While we waited, trying to stay quiet, one of them grabbed my butt. I grabbed his hand and twisted it up and backward so that his wrist was pulled almost out of its socket. I whispered forcefully to him that he should never touch me. He whimpered and backed away as I let his arm go.

I heard two men discussing the things they'd like to do with me, things that were disgusting and would not bear repeating. I knew I had to get away. I decided I'd rather be stomped to death by a dinosaur.

One of them tried to grab me as I slipped out the door. I kicked him in the nuts and went out as he crumpled to the ground. There were no dinosaurs nearby, so I continued away from the small formation of houses and back into the fields and open stretches of land I had been traveling before.

I rose up a small hill and looked back at the houses. I could see the dinosaurs moving about next to the houses still. I wasn't sure how I had gotten out without being seen by them. I watched as two of the dinosaurs started ramming themselves against some houses. People ran out of one. Most of them were crushed to death, but a few made it to the other safe house, the one I had gotten away from. The dinosaurs saw them go there and followed to attack that house.

After watching the destruction that occurred there, I didn't think anyone could be left alive. I was about to move on, but I remembered the children I had seen. What if one of those small children had somehow survived the attack? I couldn't leave without checking for survivors.

I waited throughout the night until the last dinosaur had moved on and no dinosaurs were left in sight for miles around. Then I headed back to the now-ruined houses. I searched the rubble. I found body after body. I wanted to vomit when I found the body of a toddler, but after a while, and after finding dead body after dead body, it was as if my mind shut down for a bit and I just continued searching, immune to the crushed bodies all around me and to the smell that was filling my nostrils with decay and rot.

I finally stood, ready to give up, and that's when I heard the cry. It was the cry of a baby, a new baby. I recognized the sound. It was the cry babies make until they are about three months old. I followed the sound and found a fridge on its side. I opened it and inside it had been emptied out and a girl of about four was laying down, huddled and holding a baby that looked like it was two or three weeks old. They would have suffocated in the airtight fridge if I hadn't returned to look for survivors. I guessed that there parents had thought that would be better for them than being stomped to death.

The little girl was frightened. The baby was dressed in pink and wrapped in a pink blanet, so I assumed it was girl too. I told her the toddler she was safe and asked her to stay where she was, holding the baby, while I found some food. I dug through the debris again, this time to find food. I found two cans of infant formula and a couple of unbroken baby bottles after a while. I continued searching until I found some bottled water and the cans of fruit that I had originally come out to find. I packed everything away in my backpack after making up a bottle for the baby. I fed the baby and then continued on my way home, bringing the toddler and the baby with me.

I woke up from the dream before I arrived back home, but I had the feeling before I woke that we would make it.