I have vivid and unusual dreams, when I remember them. Often, they play out like movies. If dreams can tell us anything about ourselves, then this dream journal should tell a lot about me! (Let's hope it doesn't just say I'm a crazy lady.)

Friday, 28 October 2011

Dangerous Acid

Weird dream again last night.

I dreamed that I was entering a building that was a charity. The charity provided books for children all over the world. A friend of mine ran it and I was dropping off some new books for her. When I got inside, there were masked men there. They were trying to break into the safe. I turned to run away and they chased me.

One of them knocked over a large barrel in his attempt to grab me. This barrel was full of an acid that would burn through anything (except for , apparently concrete, as the road it was pouring out onto after running through the building, didn't burn). I have no idea why there was a barrel of acid in the charity building.

The acid kept pouring and pouring. The men burned up horribly, the acid making them dissolve, but I didn't have to see it happen because they were still inside the building and I had run outside. I heard them scream though.

The acid kept pouring. I grabbed some bricks that were sitting in the gutter of the road and used them to bash against a fire hydrant until it burst open. Water was the only thing that would neutralize this acid, and the water that poured from the fire hydrant made a line of safety through the acid. Unfortunately, it wasn't on the side I was on but on the opposite side and I would have to go through acid to get to the safety it had created, so it didn't help.

I ran again. At one point, I realized the acid was behind me and in front of me. I was trapped. I saw a large metal crate and climbed up on top of it. I climbed up and the acid surrounded the crate. The crate didn't burn though, so, although I was surrounded by the acid, I was safe from being dissolved.

I sat there for ages. The acid looked like it was drying up, but I knew about this acid and I knew that, even dry, it was still there. I still needed water to neutralize it.

I began to worry that people walking on nearby roads would come upon this road and walk onto it, not realizing the acid was there. First, their shoes would start to melt and dissolve, and maybe that would give them time to get away, especially if I was there to explain what was happening and warn them.

A man walked up and turned to go down the street I was on. I warned him, but he didn't pay attention. Then after a step or two, he noticed the soles of his shoes sticking to the ground and he could tell they were melting. He yelped and ran back off the road. (For some reason, the acid had run out on the road I was on and had not spread to the roads next to it.)

This happened with another man who had been determined to come help me down off of the crate. Finally, one of them called the police, who then called the fire brigade. A fire engine showed up and the hose was brought out and water was streamed all over the road to neutralize the acid. I was safe.

That's when I woke up.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

The Neighbor's House

We have recently moved to a new house on a street that is newly built with all new homes. We applied for the 5 bedroom home but a different family got it and we got to move into the 4 bedroom home. The family had six children living at home with them, like us. I met the mother and she seemed really nice, and I like the idea that there is someone living just a few houses away from me who knows what it is like to raise a large family. But I haven't really had the chance to visit with her much or to get to know her much yet.

Last night, I dreamed that I saw my cat go into her house, so I went over to warn the family not to feed him, no matter how much he begged, because he was starting to get chubby. They were having a barbecue at the time, and she offered me a burger. Although these burgers were full of fat and completely off my nutritious eating plan, I accepted anyway and we chatted while I ate.

She showed me around her home and I was commenting on the changes the builders had made to her home when they enlarged it. That's when I tripped and fell, and then I woke up from the dream.

It was an odd thing to dream about, but maybe my subconcious is telling me to go get to know my neighbor better.