I have vivid and unusual dreams, when I remember them. Often, they play out like movies. If dreams can tell us anything about ourselves, then this dream journal should tell a lot about me! (Let's hope it doesn't just say I'm a crazy lady.)

Wednesday, 2 August 2006

Nightmare About My Baby Dying

I woke up from one of the worst nightmares last night! In fact, it was so bad that I woke up because I was crying out loud.

I dreamed that I gave birth to the baby in a hospital that was haunted. The hauntings didn't seem very sinister, just helpful. One of the ghosts was a midwife who had passed away a few years ago - that kind of haunting.

Anyway, I started to have really bad back pain (this part of the dream was because my back really was hurting), so I left the baby with a midwife and went to find the doctor to see if she could prescribe anything for the pain. I found the doctor but she was busy and made me wait.

After what seemed like a long time of waiting, things started happening around me. First, the temperature dropped and it got very cold. Then a window nearby opened on its own. I started to get a very bad feeling about my baby and started running back to check on her. Just as I started running, windows started shattering everywhere and I knew the ghosts were warning me.

All the doctors in the hospital were watching a performance, and I had to drag one of them to come with me. They thought I was crazy and weren't believing me that my baby was in trouble. I got almost back to my room, when the ghost midwife stopped me shaking her head sadly, letting me know that my baby had died. I started screaming "No, no, no!" and that's what woke me up.

Apparently, Robert was having trouble sleeping last night and had gone downstairs. He popped back upstairs to ask me if that was Isabella he heard crying. I had to tell him it was me, because I had just had a really bad nightmare. He agreed it must have been really bad.

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