I have vivid and unusual dreams, when I remember them. Often, they play out like movies. If dreams can tell us anything about ourselves, then this dream journal should tell a lot about me! (Let's hope it doesn't just say I'm a crazy lady.)

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

The Biggest Loser, Snow and a Strange Friendship

Last night's dream was, as usual, very strange. It didn't have the movie-like quality that most of my dreams have as it moved from one thing to another without much sense.

It started off with me in a classroom. I was sitting at one of those school chairs with the built-in desk. There were other girls in the chairs in the classroom too, and the class was inside a gym. The instructor was Bob Harper. We were all girls who had lost a lot of weight but were either having trouble keeping it off or having trouble losing those last few pounds. He was giving us advice on how to do it.

A snow storm started up outside, and, at that point, we were no longer in a gym but inside a cabin. The snow fell quickly and became many feet deep very quickly. Bob told everyone that he had some skis outside, and we could all ski down to safety. (We were in a cabin high up on a mountain.) He said it wouldn't be safe to take his car.

The rest of the girls were quick to put their coats on and get the skis. They all skied away, one by one, until there was one pair of skis left. I put the last pair on, but realized that it wouldn't leave a pair for Bob. I tried to shuffle, still in the skis, back to the door to ask him how he intended to get to safety, but I fell over and the skis snapped in two. I took the ski off and stepped out on the snow without it and found that I sunk into the soft snow up to my waist.

Bob came out with a husky by his side. He told me that he had a sled that his dog could pull. Once I got down the mountain, I could send his dog back up after him with the sled. I thought that maybe that would be too much work for his dog, but he insisted and started packing some stuff on the sled.

The husky came over to me and started nudging my hand for attention, so I stroked its soft fur and cooed at it a little. (Yes, I am one of those people who gets all gooey over animals.)

I told Bob that I didn't know how to use one of these sleds that used dogs to pull it. He told me that I'd be fine. His dog had done this many times and she knew what to do. I was still worried about what would happen to him in the meantime and I had the feeling I was going to crash on my way down the mountain.

Then a large 4 x 4 truck showed up. It was my cousins Suzie and Margie. My sister Leaetta was with them. They had known where I was and that I would need a way off the mountain , so they came in a vehicle that would be able to get me down the mountain safely. We offered Bob and his dog a ride down the mountain too and he accepted.

The scene switched to another day and I was at a hospital checking on a friend who had gone in for an elective surgery. On my way out, I ran into Bob. He was in a wheelchair. He'd been in a skiing accident, ironically. He needed help getting the wheelchair out of the building as the elevators were out of order and the only way to get downstairs was to use the stairs. I helped him.

He offered to pay me to be his companion, which, according to him, meant to be his friend and help him get around while he was stuck in a wheelchair. I told him I would like to help, but I needed someone to watch my kids while my husband was at work. He told me he could arrange it, so, I called up Robert (my husband) and told him what was going on.

Later, outside the hospital, we ran into some business colleagues of Bob's. They were kind of rude to him. They asked if I had lost a lot of weight like those on Bob's show "The Biggest Loser." I told them I had lost over 145 pounds. They told Bob, as if I wasn't even standing there, that he should make the media think he was dating me. They said it would be good for his career, even if it wasn't for real. I told them that I was married, so it would probably be a bad move for his career if people thought he was dating me. Bob agreed and told them they were idiots.

I helped him get his wheelchair down some more stairs and then I woke up.

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